ABC launches the future-proof and fuel-flexible EVOLVE 20EV23

06 Sep 2022

Today, amid massive interest, Anglo Belgian Corporation (ABC) launched at SMM Hamburg the 2nd engine type of the innovative and ground-breaking EVOLVE family: the 20EV23. This versatile, 20-cylinder medium-speed engine is future-proof and sets new standards in terms of efficiency, power, fuel flexibility and environmental performance.

For over 100 years, ABC has been putting engines on the market that last and keep lasting. Endurance and reliability are the forces with which we power the future of our customers.
A century is a long time. A lot of knowledge, experience and passion have accumulated at ABC, creating a strong culture of innovation. This enabled us time and again to position our clients ahead of market developments, whilst keeping all future options open.

Our EVOLVE engine platform is the latest witness to our mission of future-proofing your fleet. End of last year we launched the first engine of the EVOLVE Series, the 4EL23, which sets a new benchmark for a greener, more performant and fuel-flexible marine future.

Today we are proud to introduce you to his big brother: the 20EV23, developed to help your vessel conquer every challenge it encounters. This agile power engine displays impressive response times at heavy load pick up, combining extreme reliability and distinctive speed. All of this with the best power-to-weight ratio.

But just as his little brother, the 20EV23 has more than one card to play. With cylinder heads adaptive to multifuel solutions, you are always sure to make the most cost-efficient, ready to bunker everywhere, autonomy-enhancing and future-proof choice. An emission compliant choice.

DOWNLOAD the catalogue of the 20EV23 and find out more about this future-proof, fuel-flexible engine.

The new EVOLVE 20EV23 engine is characterised by:

    Our ability to innovate gives our customers a competitive advantage. EVOLVE is the latest proof of this. It sets a new standard for a greener, more efficient and fuel-flexible maritime future. Not by predicting 'the' future, but by developing smart and sustainable solutions.
    The EVOLVE 20EV23 generates abundant power when needed. High responsiveness wrapped up in a compact design, to meet the most demanding circumstances at sea. Because they always arise when you least expect it.
    More power for less fuel. A budgetary push in the back for extra speed or longer-lasting fuel autonomy, while you get the job done. This improves your vessel’s performance and relieves the burden of fuel prices. EVOLVE offers the best efficiency for any fuel type.
    In today's world, you must be prepared for unforeseen circumstances at sea. And whatever happens, you need the equipment to keep going for a long, very long time. The new EVOLVE engine is a very reliable, 24/7 heavy-duty partner in calm and rough seas.
    Financing a green future for marine operations can be a worrisome task. Each engine of the EVOLVE range is equipped with a future-proof multi-fuel design. It gives you a choice between liquid, dual fuel and gas combustion.

What will the future bring?
What we do know is that you will always need a performant engine. An affordable engine. A clean engine. A profitable engine. An engine that does what has to be done, 24/7, no matter what it is fueled by.

DOWNLOAD the catalogue of the 20EV23 now and find out more about this future-proof, fuel-flexible engine.

About Anglo Belgian Corporation
Since the foundation in 1912, ABC has been operating from Ghent, in the heart of Europe. For more than 100 years, ABC has been dedicated to keep your business going by producing reliable & innovative engines & gensets.

One of our driving forces is built-in stability: by sticking to our geographic roots at the crossroads of many logistic routes; and by building on a rock steady ownership structure with passion, knowledge and entrepreneurship handed over from generation to generation.

This unique and steady position has allowed ABC to build a strong track record in R&D and innovation; to create a highly skilled and passionate workforce; to roll out a seamless network of production units for a vertically integrated value chain. This gives our customers the biggest advantage in a globalized economy: reliability.

Our commitment is always to you and to helping you make future proof choices. That is why we are currently expanding our workshop and factory capacity again in Ghent. This is where new solutions will be born. This is where we will keep on powering your future.

No matter which future materializes, we power it.

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