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20/09/18       news, exhibitions and subscriptionSkinest Rail and ABC sign MoU for 40 DZC engines to repower TE10 locomotives in UkraineRead more19/09/18       news, exhibitions and subscriptionNikolaev Locomotive Rebuilder and Anglo Belgian Corporation sign agreement to repower TEM7 locomotive in UkraineRead more14/02/18       news, exhibitions and subscriptionBezoek ABC op de open scheepvaartdagenRead more08/11/17       news, exhibitions and subscriptionABC´s Electric and Hybrid Propulsion System receives Bureau Veritas approvalRead more19/10/17       news, exhibitions and subscriptionABC at EuroportRead more30/03/17       news, exhibitions and subscriptionAnglo Belgian Corporation a été nominé nominé comme ‘Trends Gazelles’ pour la province de Flandre-Orientale.Read more05/12/16       news, exhibitions and subscriptionNew production hall officially openedRead more11/2016       news, exhibitions and subscriptionVan der Kamp International Dredging B.V. opts for ABC’s dual fuel enginesRead more11/2016       news, exhibitions and subscriptionDelivery first EDF emergency generating setRead more11/2016       news, exhibitions and subscriptionABC supplies engines that run on fish oilRead more10/2016       news, exhibitions and subscriptionThe Motorship - "EcoCoaster sets short-sea efficiency benchmark"Read more08/2016       news, exhibitions and subscriptionMaritime Holland - Texelstroom - "Revolutionary clean ferry for island of Texel"Read more06/2016       news, exhibitions and subscriptionDelivery of environmental friendly & hybrid Texelstroom ferryRead more05/2016       news, exhibitions and subscriptionVoka Magazine - "ABC trots op eerste Fukushima-bestendige generator"Read more20/04/16       news, exhibitions and subscriptionABC and VEKA Group sign agreement for five 6DZC enginesRead more17/12/15       news, exhibitions and subscriptionABC wins tender for 38 nuclear emergency gensets at EDFRead more14/12/15       news, exhibitions and subscriptionABC officializes contract for the supply of two dual fuel engines for new dredger of DEMERead more03/12/15       news, exhibitions and subscriptionABC looks back on successful participation in the Dubai SevensRead more11/2014       news, exhibitions and subscriptionVoka Tribune - "Dieselfabrikant van 102 jaar groeit in sneltreinvaart"Read more08/2014       news, exhibitions and subscriptionDe Klep - "35e Internationaal Historisch Festival"Read more03/2014       news, exhibitions and subscriptionMarine News www.marinelink.com - "Belgium Diesel Engine Manufacturer Provides Main Engine for Alaska Fishing Vessel"Read more10/2013       news, exhibitions and subscriptionThe Motorship - "ABC marches up power band with IMO III-ready solution"Read more21/06/2013  news, exhibitions and subscriptionABC joins the Belgian Mobility Export cluster (BEMOBEX), initiated by Transurb, one of its longtime partners in the railway industryRead more13-16/05/13  news, exhibitions and subscriptionABC, winner of the 2013 CIMAC President's AwardRead more09/05/2013  news, exhibitions and subscriptionABC in Trends - Le lent moteur au long coursRead more27-28/10/12  news, exhibitions and subscriptionABC celebrates its 100-year anniversary with the introduction of a new and more powerful engine range >> the DL36Read more03/2012       news, exhibitions and subscription"ABC and Bureau Veritas working together on Dual-Fuel Engines for LNG vessels"Read more11/2011       news, exhibitions and subscriptionThe Motorship - "Belgium's independent maker shows resilience"Read more19/08/2011  news, exhibitions and subscriptionNew website ABC onlineRead more30/05/2011  news, exhibitions and subscriptionSuccessful re-powering of tug 'ANGLIAN LADY' with ABC-Diesel enginesRead more08/02/2011  news, exhibitions and subscriptionMultraship christens its two latest tugsRead more 

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