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The EVOLVE 20EV23 is developed to help your vessel conquer every challenge it encounters. This agile power engine displays impressive response times at heavy load pick up, combining extreme reliability and distinctive speed. All of this with the best power-to-weight ratio.

But the 20EV23 has more than one card to play. With cylinder heads adaptive to multifuel solutions, you are always sure to make the most cost-efficient, ready to bunker everywhere, autonomy-enhancing and future-proof choice. An emission compliant choice.

Download the catalogue and find out more about the ground-breaking 20EV23:

  • Detailed product information with everything you need to know about the 20EV23
  • Clarifying visualization of features and benefits
  • Comprehensive details about our modular and compact EAT system
  • Compliance with IMO TIER III and EU Stage V emission regulations
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