Successful sea trials of the Slot Dover, GEFO's newest gas tanker with EU Stage V certification

15 Feb 2022

Today, at the Volkerak locks in Willemstad (The Netherlands), the official sea trials took place of the Slot Dover, GEFO's brand new LPG tanker that complies with the strict Stage V emission requirements for European inland navigation.

The 110-metre Slot Dover is equipped with a durable 6-cylinder DZC engine and has a power output of 1,104 kWm at 830 rpm. It is the very first inland waterway vessel with ABC engine to be put into service with an officially certified, tested, and approved after-treatment system.

The advanced, efficient after-treatment system consists of a very fine-grained particulate filter and a proven SCR system that reduces emissions of particles (soot) and nitrogen oxides to extremely low levels. With this future-proof Exhaust After-treatment System (EATS), the Slot Dover fulfils the highest emission requirements of the strict Stage V regulations.

The integration of the after-treatment system was already taken into account in the design of the ship. Therefore, the integration of the EATS went flawlessly.
Yannick Loulidi, Development Engineer Exhaust After-treatment Systems at ABC, said: "It is always great to see a result of your work. It took us several years to get the certification and we are very proud to see our first official Stage V project up and running. Both the end customer and the shipyard went for it 100% and this translates into a very beautiful installation."

And Den Breejen Shipyard also looks back on a very successful collaboration.
Herman Beek, Project Manager at Den Breejen Shipyard, spoke: "We are extremely pleased with this reference project. The ship fully complies with the latest environmental standards. The smooth cooperation with ABC and end customer GEFO allowed us to realise the integration of both the engine and the aftertreatment system within the set time frame".

GEFO Shipping Group, headquartered in Hamburg, specialises in the transport of chemical liquids, LPG, liquefied gases, mineral oil products and worldwide bunker trade. The GEFO fleet consists of 150 modern deep sea and inland tankers.
Dirk Sobotka, Technical Director at GEFO Shipping Group, said: "At GEFO, we strive to surpass the usual industry standards. In doing so, we continuously invest in the latest technologies. With this newly built tanker, which complies with the strictest emission standards in inland navigation, we are once again reducing our environmental footprint."

Anglo Belgian Corporation (ABC) is an absolute frontrunner in achieving the latest emission standards. At the end of April 2021 ABC received, as the first medium speed engine manufacturer, the official EU Stage V certificate for its DZC engines. These economical engines with a power range of 1,000 to 4,000 kW, in combination with an ABC aftertreatment system, are all EU Stage V certified.

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