First 2 gensets on their way to Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant in Bangladesh

12 Jul 2022

Anglo Belgian Corporation (ABC) announces the departure of the first two 12DV36 generator sets to the new Rooppur nuclear power plant located in the Ishwardi upazila in the Pabna district of Bangladesh.

This nuclear site with two reactors, which is still under construction, will generate a total of 2.4 GW of electricity. Each reactor will be equipped with one 12DV36 generator set of 6.3 MW and two 16DV36 generator sets of 10.5 MW each.

The 12DV36 generator sets are used flexibly for operational purposes, such as guaranteeing the continuity of the site and absorbing peak power shortages. The 16DV36 generator sets are only used in case of emergency.

These state-of-the-art generator sets, in which robustness and reliability are paramount, are based on proven technology. They were developed in-house and - obviously - subjected to very extensive stress tests. The generator sets comply with all necessary requirements and applicable limits regarding fuel consumption and emission standards.

The next phase of the project involves the supervision and commissioning of the generator sets.

The shipping of such robust generator sets presents some logistical studies and challenges. Watch the video below about the preparation for the shipment of a 12DV36 generator set:

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