Robust 6DL36 generating sets on their way to Texas for newbuild 27” Cutter Suction Dredger

05 Jan 2022

Two powerful, robust 6DL36 generator sets left for the Southwest Shipyard in Galveston, Texas, to be installed in Mike Hooks' new, 27" Cutter Suction Dredger (CSD). This new, non-self-propelled cutter suction dredger will be equipped with an SCR system and meet the highest emission requirements of EPA. The CSD, which will be commissioned in the course of 2022, will be used for dredging rivers and waterways.

It is the first time that Mike Hooks is using engines from Anglo Belgian Corporation (ABC). Robustness and durability play an essential role here. All the power on the dredge Lorraine Hooks, the new cutter suction dredger, is generated by (2) 6DL36 generator sets at 600 rpm -- each unit delivering a conservative 2,995 kWe of power. The generator sets are designed to run on alternative, more CO2 neutral fuels in the future. With this, Mike Hooks is poised to be the most emission-friendly dredging contractor in the North American continent.

Throughout the project, the owners have always looked for the most sustainable solution. Some of the deciding factors in making their choice were the best fuel economy, the lowest CO2 footprint, the least number of working cylinders, the slow-running engine regime and the mechanical quality of ABC engines. This allows them to deploy a maximum inhouse led maintenance program and achieve a remarkable uptime on their dredge. Special attention is also paid to maintaining a good relationship of trust and cooperation with their suppliers.
This philosophy, which grandfather Mike Hooks always upheld, has paid dividends. Today, the company is 100 % owned by daughter Kim Hooks McMahon and granddaughter Veronica "Ronnie" Hooks.

Kim Hooks McMahon, who always had a very strong bond with her parents, said: "The memory of our parents is very important to us. I think it is important to honour our parents and to continue to do the things we were taught at birth. I wanted to apply this philosophy to the choice of drive for our latest dredger, which bears my mother's name. We are very pleased to find a partner in ABC that shares the same philosophy. This is what my father would have wanted."

Pieter Boeykens, Senior Sales Manager North America of Anglo Belgian Corporation, said: "Right from the start, there was a special connection with the Hooks family. The close relationship with their parents always came to the forefront during various discussions. Many things such as the family approach, the commitment, the entrepreneurship, the competence, and the trust I find in both Mike Hooks and ABC. I am therefore particularly proud that ABC was chosen as a partner."

Mike Hooks, based in Louisiana and active across the Gulf region from Florida to Texas (5 states), has built a very solid reputation over the past decades for maintenance dredging, port expansion, beach reclamation, wetland restoration and disaster recovery. With this new 27" cutter suction dredger, the company is expanding its fleet again and continues to invest in the sustainable development of its activities.

Anglo Belgian Corporation would like to thank Mike Hooks for the trust and is looking forward to the launch of this new cutter suction dredger.

Anglo Belgian Corporation
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