​Nikolaev Locomotive Repair Plant & ABC successful repowering of TEM7 & 2TE10 Arcelor Mittal Ukraine

25 May 2020

Nikolaev Locomotive Repair Plant & Anglo Belgian Corporation successfully completed the modernization and repowering of the TEM 7-0145 and 2TE10-3559 for Arcelor Mittal Ukraine. The mission was to replace obsolete V12-engines with brand new ABC engines.


The TEM7 is used as a shunting diesel-electric locomotive for heavy trains in Ukraine. Arcelor Mittal Ukraine gave the confidence to ABC and Nikolaev Locomotive Repair Plant to partly rebuild and modernize the locomotive. Today, in comparison with the old V12-engine, the new ABC 6DZC reaches 8% increased traction power (up to 1470 kWm/2000 HP) and achieves the following results:

  • 22% less fuel consumption
  • 80% less lube oil consumption
  • 50% less maintenance costs


The 2TE10 was also modernized and repowered. This mainline diesel-electric locomotive has two different subdivisions, each foreseen by a single engine. For this project was opted for 2x 8DZC with an increase of traction power by 15% (up to 4000 kWm/5364 HP). A comparative measurement was also conducted here:

  • 38% less fuel consumption
  • 80% less lube oil consumption
  • 50% less maintenance costs

Low life-cycle-cost & long-term solution

ABC medium speed engines were preferred because of their durability and reliability. Perfect when you search for a long-term solution together with a low life-cycle cost. Also, the easy and fast maintenance is a plus in repowering your rolling stock!

Today, both locomotives are 100% operational and the results are very positive. Discover more in the video below!