ABC Unveils Innovative Evolve 6EL23 at Europort Rotterdam

07 Nov 2023

Today, Anglo Belgian Corporation (ABC) unveiled the innovative Evolve 6EL23, the third engine model from the groundbreaking Evolve engine platform at Europort Rotterdam. This multi-fuel, 6-cylinder medium-speed engine embraces the future of engine technology, offering versatile solutions to address our customers' energy transition challenges.

The Evolve 6EL23 joins the 4EL23 at the entry-level of the Evolve engine lineup. At the other end, we have the Evolve 20EV23, our flagship model representing the pinnacle of power within the range. Adapting to changing times, this versatile medium-speed inline engine is engineered to conquer the challenges of a world transitioning towards sustainable energy sources.

Tim Berckmoes, CEO of ABC Engines, spoke: “As we enter a new era of green shipping, we proudly introduce this brand-new 6-cylinder of the Evolve engine range. The 6EL23 revolutionizes the industry by seamlessly embracing a range of fuels, from conventional options to green alternatives. Our commitment is always customer-oriented, aimed at assisting them in making future-proof choices. No matter which paths the future takes, the Evolve 6EL23 is primed to revolutionize our business partners’ operations towards low and zero carbon power.”

A defining feature of the Evolve engine platform is its multi-fuel and future-proof design. The adaptable cylinder head design enables effortless transition from liquid fuel to dual fuel, and to 100% gaseous fuels, eliminating the need for a specific fuel commitment. This versatility offers our customers agility, flexibility, and readiness for various fuel scenarios.

The future-proof and multi-fuel 6EL23 is fully optimized to run efficiently on diesel with EATS (Exhaust After-Treatment System) technology. To support the energy transition, the engine is pre-designed for ensuring ultra-low and zero emissions with new fuels such as methanol and hydrogen.


ABC is a family-run business founded more than 110 years go. Stability is in our nature, because of the strong ownership roots of the company. In a post-pandemic world marked by increasing fragility in global supply chains and the emergence of new conflict zones, along with rising geo-political and trade tensions, the Evolve 6EL23 stands out as a symbol of resilience and stability.

The 6EL23 engine is produced entirely at our state-of-the-art production facility in Ghent, Belgium, and every component is carefully manufactured within the European Union. Moreover, 85% of these components are produced internally within the ABC Technology Group. This strategic approach offers our valued business partners two distinct advantages: reliability and excellent agility.

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