EVOLVE 4EL23 receives Henry van de Velde Silver Award 2023

08 Feb 2023

Last night, at the prestigious Henry van de Velde Awards 2023 ceremony, the EVOLVE 4EL23 engine was honoured! From hundreds of entries spread over 9 categories, the professional jury awarded the ground-breaking EVOLVE 4EL23 the Henry van de Velde Silver Award in the category Business Innovation and this for its innovative and inspiring design.

With EVOLVE 4EL23, Anglo Belgian Corporation (ABC) developed the first-ever multi fuel, medium-speed engine that facilitates the transition from fossil fuel to zero-carbon fuel.

Together with the Ghent-based product design agency Pars Pro Toto, ABC developed the engine shell that gives the EVOLVE 4EL23 a sleek and modern look. But there is more. The attractive concept is also functional. The casing reduces heat and noise and can be removed without tools. In addition, the engine status can be easily observed by means of a changing LED light on the turbo.

Compatible with different fuels, the EVOLVE 4EL23 is more efficient in terms of consumption and consequently also has lower emissions.

Download the brochure to learn more about the EVOLVE 4EL23.

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About Henry van de Velde Awards
The Henry van de Velde Awards showcase and applaud Flemish designers, enterprises and governmental organisations, products, services and systems which, as a result of their design or their solution of a given problem, have a positive impact on the environment, the economy and society. These awards emphasise the important role that designers and the parties commissioning their work play in society. They set out the lines for the future and provide us with smart and useful solutions for topical problems. With its own website, the official award ceremony, the exhibition and the publication, the Henry van de Velde Awards is a true platform for Flemish design.

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