Ghent Climate Prize for Anglo Belgian Corporation

25 Jul 2022

Yesterday evening, on the last day of the Ghent Festivities, Anglo Belgian Corporation (ABC) received the very first Ghent Climate Prize on the big stage at Sint Jacobs.

By awarding a Climate Prize, the Ghent Climate Forum wants to support the fight against climate change and put the spotlight on actors who make a positive contribution to the fight against global warming.

Anglo Belgian Corporation won the Ghent Climate Prize in the innovation category for its design and realisation of the world's first hydrogen engine for shipping. Under the joint venture BEH2YDRO, Anglo Belgian Corporation, together with shipping company CMB and CMB.TECH, has funded over the last three years, without subsidies, the research and development of a world first that allows shipping, among other things, to take big steps towards climate neutrality.

After the successful launch of the BEH2YDRO dual-fuel hydrogen engines in September 2020, it launched 100% hydrogen engines at the World Hydrogen Summit in Rotterdam in early May. These innovative, zero emission engines are ready for use and allow the sector to further engage in 100% sustainable and environmentally friendly development. They provide 100% clean energy and therefore emit no harmful emissions, and

  • no use is made of scarce raw materials such as lithium, zinc, cobalt, platinum, rare earths, ... ;
  • avoid environmental damage caused by the extraction of scarce raw materials;
  • they do not cause any damage to human health;
  • the by-products are completely safe (the emissions consist of water vapour and aspirated air).

They also have a long service life, thanks to an optimised air/gas mixture that reduces component heat-up.
Click here for more information about BEH2YDRO.

At the end of last year ABC launched the brand new and innovative EVOLVE engine platform. EVOLVE simplifies the energy transition from conventional to new and future fuel types. With the unique EVOLVE engines ABC wants to help its business partners on their way to zero-emission. These multi-fuel engines offer the best efficiency for any fuel type.
Click here for more information about this brand-new engine platform.

About the Ghent Climate Forum
The Ghent Climate Forum (GKf) is a network of social actors from the business community, the trade union movement, the environmental movement, the social, cultural and educational sectors in Ghent, who want to promote/accelerate the fight against the climate crisis in the Ghent region in cooperation with Ghent authorities.

The GKf takes initiatives of a very diverse nature to make progress with this large green site and to involve as many people as possible, regardless of their income and background.

Last week, the Gent Climate Forum organised several climate bike rides that passed by positive examples of companies, organisations, city districts and individuals that contribute to lower emissions or that show how we are preparing for global warming. From industry in the harbour to green poles and climate axes that provide cooling, to social initiatives that involve vulnerable people. Here are some photos of the passage at Anglo Belgian Corporation: