Why choosing ABC's medium-speed engines?

  • European Design & Production
    European Design

    When one chooses ABC medium-speed engines, one opts for European quality, durability and reliability. 100% of all components used in our engines come from within Europe. Our engines stand for reliability and outstanding performance in the toughest and most demanding conditions.

  • Vertical Integration

    Anglo Belgian Corporation is a member of the Ogepar Group. No less than 85% of all components of an ABC engine are supplied from within the Ogepar Group. This has a very positive impact for the final customer in terms of lower purchase and maintenance costs, better product quality, the shorter delivery times, higher availability of spare parts, better service, ...

  • Modern and Vast Machine Park

    Our customers deserve the best products and to manufacture these, ABC disposes of a very diverse and modern machine park using the latest production technologies. Anglo Belgian Corporation is committed to safety, accuracy and quality and therefore invests every year in its machine park. In addition, it closely follows the latest trends in manufacturing technologies in order to offer the best quality to its customers.

  • Simple, Compact & Robust Design

    ABC has a reputation for producing robust and simple engines. The low fuel and lube oil consumption, long lifetime, low maintenance cost and easy access to all engine components saves you time and money. Our R&D engineers permanently strive to improve the engines while adapting them to the latest rules and regulations.

    An ABC engine has all modern sensors and operating systems so that they can be controlled with a touchscreen from the bridge but they remain 100 % mechanical, making it easier to maintain and more reliable. We call this "SMART": Simple, Mechanical, Affordable, Reliable and Tailormade according to your requirements.

  • Innovation and R&D
    Abc Electronics

    Continuous innovation made Anglo Belgian Corporation one of the main independent manufactures of medium speed diesel, HFO and dual-fuel engines, as well as generator sets for the power market. ABC continuously works with full devotion at the development of more efficient engines with more power and less fuel consumption and thus even less emissions as a result. To achieve this, ABC can count on highly motivated employees in the engineering and R&D departments.

  • Low Life-Cycle Cost

    Our medium-speed engines are built to last a whole lifetime. The reliability, robust design, low fuel and lube oil consumption, long service intervals and low maintenance costs are just a few examples why the operating costs of medium-speed engines are so low.

  • Customer-focussed

    The customer is at the heart of ABC, being closely involved from the design phase, through the development and testing stage up to delivery. We provide full support after delivery so we can monitor the further evolution of 'our' engine in the field to give you full satisfaction.

  • Large Network

    Many leading national and international companies use ABC engines. The company serves customers in more than 120 countries. ABC can count on an ever-growing number of agents and certified technicians who offer our customers the best possible service.

  • Tailormade Solutions
    Thumb Service

    ABC offers a vast range of cost-saving and tailormade solutions for both individual requirements and organizations striving for competitive excellence. Our experienced sales team always advises the most efficient and economical solutions for your project.

  • Fuel Flexibility
    Dual Fuel

    Reliability and fuel flexibility are just some of ABC's strengths. Our efficient engines can run on different types of fuel and fuel qualities. In addition to Marine Diesel Oil (MDO) or Marine Gasoil (MGO), ABC engines can be adapted for operation with Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO), vegetable oils, animal fats, methanol and other alternative fuels. ABC’s experienced sales team always advises you the best, most economical and environmental friendly solution.

  • Environment

    Even though emission standards are becoming increasingly strict, ABC is always one step ahead of future standards thanks to continuous in-house research and development with special test engines. Our engines comply with the applicable emission standards. Depending on the application, these are IMO Tier II and IMO Tier III (seagoing vessels, tugs, ferries ...), CCR-2 (inland shipping) or EU3B (locomotives). These standards are met with or without electronics or aftertreatment system, depending on customer requirements.

  • Experience

    Anglo Belgian Corporation was founded in 1912. For more than 100 years, the company has demonstrated its market-leading expertise in the development and sales of reliable medium-speed diesel engines around the globe. About 95% of the products are exported. Over the past years, Anglo Belgian Corporation has experienced significant growth in terms of size, number of employees and product portfolio.

  • Open-source Engine Manufacturer
    Abc Academy

    Being an open-source manufacturer gives you the advantage of choosing flexible and customized solutions for your specific requirements. ABC attaches the utmost importance to listen to its customers and to offer the best possible and cost-effective solution for each individual case. Whether you need the engine only or you want to turn to ABC as a one-stop shop, we offer you access to the expertise of our partners.