Land-based power generation

For 100 years Anglo Belgian Corporation (ABC), with headquarters and production facility in Gent (Belgium), supplies power solutions for electricity production.

ABC's reliable, medium speed engines, in combination with an alternator, ensure that we can offer powerful solutions to those looking for a reliable source of energy. Generator sets based on ABC engines are widely used in (hybrid) power plants, industrial groups and emergency gensets.


Reliable power
Generating electricity using ABC gensets shows that things want to be done correctly and there is no place for improvisation. The reliability of ABC engines is legendary. The medium speed (up to 1000 rpm) and cleverly engineered distribution of loads ensure a low mechanical wear and therefore a long life of the engines and components, extending the periods between overhauling and ensuring long periods of continuous operation.

Safe investment
The total cost of ownership (TCO) of medium speed engines is much lower than that of high speed engines. This is due to the low consumption, the lower frequency of maintenance interventions and the general robustness of the medium speed engine. This has much lower operating costs as an advantage.

SMART mechanical
Our engines are 100% mechanical, making them easier to maintain and more reliable. We call this "SMART": Simple, Mechanical, Affordable, Reliable and Tailormade according to your requirements.

Adapting to the environment while respecting it
ABC engines are meant to operate anywhere under the toughest and most demanding conditions. Fuel flexibility and respect for the environment are two of the keywords associated with ABC. Our engines are available in executions able to work on gasoil, HFO, dual fuel (CNG/LNG), methanol, hydrogen, vegetable oil or animal fats.

Beyond manufacturing engines
The ABC engineering expertise, combined with a reliable network of partners, allows us to deliver complete or partial turnkey solutions all around the world. Together with its subsidiary ABC Contracting, or any other partner depending on the area, ABC has a lot of experience to deliver complete or partial turnkey solutions all around the world.

The world is our playground
With a combined presence of dedicated engineers and project managers both in Europe and Africa, the company offers customized solutions for independent thermal and hybrid power plants. ABC also concluded partnerships with market-leading partners, such as EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) companies and integrators, so that the end customer always gets the best, most economical and environmentally friendly power solution.

Tailormade solutions for specific requirements
As continuous power source or as emergency units, in parallel with the grid or in island operation, ABC gensets bring power to those industrial or civil projects where the availability of power is a must.

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