Engines for traction

Anglo Belgian Corporation (ABC), located in Ghent (Belgium), is a leading European manufacturer of diesel and dual-fuel medium-speed engines in the power range between 600-5200 kW.

ABC offers innovative and customized solutions for generating energy for both energy production and transport of goods in marine and railway applications.


Since 1960, ABC is supplying engines for shunting and mainline service locomotives. Our railway applications comprise diesel-electric and diesel-hydraulic locomotives.
With many engines running for worldwide locomotive builders and operators, the reliability, proven design and long lifetime of the ABC engines are always paramount.

Reliable engines
The characteristic medium-speed engine (600 up to 1000 rpm) and cleverly engineered distribution of the loads ensure a low mechanical deterioration and therefore guarantees a long life of the engine and its components. The total cost of ownership (TCO) of medium-speed engines easily outperforms high-speed engines. This is due to the low fuel and lube oil consumption, the lower frequency of maintenance interventions and general robustness of the medium-speed engine. The benefit is a much lower operating cost.

Environmentally friendly & fuel flexibility
Emission regulation becomes more and more stringent. Our powerful medium speed engines are reliable, efficient and run on different types of fuel and fuel qualities. They comply with current emission regulations and can be specially adapted for operation with CNG or LNG. We received the endurance test certificate acc. UIC 623 (inline engines) and meet the emission standards UIC II (for non-European countries), Euro IIIA, Euro IIIB (under development).

Strive for perfection
The customers are at the heart of ABC. We offer an extensive range of cost-effective and customized solutions. Anglo Belgian Corporation provides the reliability that one would expect from a reputable engine builder. ABC’s experienced sales engineers always advise the best, most economical and environmental friendly solutions to its customers.

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