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ABC's Electric and Hybrid Propulsion System receives Bureau Veritas approval

Anglo Belgian Corporation, a leading European manufacturer of medium speed engines, will be exhibiting at Europort (7-10 November) in Rotterdam at what has become a biannual tradition. This year, there is a lot of news at the ABC booth. We cordially invite you to visit us on our usual location in hall 1 (booth 1201). Click on the picture below to register and get your free-of-charge entrance ticket.

Anglo Belgian Corporation, a leading European manufacturer of medium speed engines, has been issued with the Bureau Veritas approval and notations for its hybrid solutions. Now, with the hybrid system’s approval by major classification company Bureau Veritas, ABC is able to offer serial hybrid propulsion systems for workboats and, in collaboration with selected industrial partners, can serve as a one-stop shop for complete propulsion systems for its customers.

The approval makes it possible for the company to offer a hybrid propulsion system with various options including main engines, complete generator sets, power management systems, alternative power sources and even complete propulsion packages. ABC serves as a one-stop shop where customers can assemble a propulsion system for their specific requirements.

Given the current and future environmental regulations, these types of systems provide a flexible solution to answer current and future demands of customers.

The approval incorporates a brand new BV notation, ‘Electric-Hybrid’ - released by Bureau Veritas in July.

ABC’s propulsion system options will be able to offer three modes described in the new Bureau Veritas notation:

  • PM (Power Management mode)
  • PB (Power Backup mode)
  • ZE (Zero Emission mode)

Herman Spilker North Europe Zone for Bureau Veritas commenting said: “This is the first time we have applied the ‘Electric-Hybrid’ notation and are very pleased to be able to support ABC in their development of an innovative propulsion solution. We anticipate that the performance, flexibility and sustainability of hybrid solutions will meet the needs of ABC’s customers.”

Tim Berckmoes, CEO of Anglo Belgian Corporation, spoke: “This ABC Hybrid technology offers our clients an extra technologic advantage leading to zero emissions, higher performance and more flexibility. The Bureau Veritas Electric-Hybrid certificate confirms that the ABC hybrid system is solid and reliable with sufficient redundancies. Do not hesitate to contact our hybrid product specialists to help you in the right choice for your specific application.”

The first target market for these hybrid systems are workboats such as tug boats, utility/support vessels, pusher boats, OSV’S, platform supply vessels and many more. Both the combination of mechanical and/or electric propulsion systems (up to 15MW) belong to the offer. As a result, ABC can also respond to the demand of inland waterway vessels, tug boats, coasters, container feeders, dredgers,military applications and many more.

Whatever the complexity of the solution, keeping a simple, mechanical and reliable medium speed ABC engine, at the heart of the system, ensures your safety and return on investment.

The MotorShip article: http://www.motorship.com/news101/engines-and-propulsion/abc-electric-hybrid-system-gains-class-approval

ABC's Electric and Hybrid Propulsion System receives Bureau Veritas approval ABC's Electric and Hybrid Propulsion System receives Bureau Veritas approval

From left to right:
Mr Rik De Petter, Marine & Offshore Chief Executive, Bureau Veritas Belgium & Luxembourg
Mr Tim Berckmoes, CEO, Anglo Belgian Corporation

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