Enjoy our new website!

30 Jan 2019

Anglo Belgian Corporation manufactures reliable medium-speed engines used in marine applications; for land-based power generation; in locomotives and in special applications.

With this new website, ABC focuses on the (end)user with as main goal to help the visitor in his search for the ideal solution according to his specific requirements and budget. For each of these applications, ABC offers a range of ready-to-use and customized products, services and solutions.

Our aim is that our website visitors find the needed engines and services in a quick and easy way. In addition to our products, services and service related solutions, references, news posts, events in which ABC participates or which it organizes, are also shown per application.

Each market has been individually developed in the same way, making navigation through the various applications simple and familiar.

For questions, comments or suggestions related to our website, contact marketing@abc-engines.com.

Hope you enjoy our new website!

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