mission & vision


ANGLO BELGIAN CORPORATION produces first class engines for worldwide applications in the energy sector (generators) and transport sector (ships and locomotives).  More than 100 years of experience in engine design and operations, in an international environment, provide exceptional expertise and competence.
ABC is committed to sustainable growth in all active markets. This desire for growth and the passion of the staff directs the company forward.


We are committed to deliver excellent work in our business operations, where we focus on integrity and professionalism. Our goal is to make a positive contribution to the economic and social wellbeing of our company meanwhile respecting safety and environment.


Our products and services stand for quality, reliability and durability. We aim to maximize added value in the product and want to fulfill a leadership function in any business area that we enter while maintaining a customer-focus approach.


We strive for technological superiority through ongoing research and increased productivity. This requires an environment that encourages innovation and entrepreneurship.


We develop innovative systems for generating power for both energy production and transportation of goods. Alternative fuels, lower  emissions, reducing carbon footprint and hybrid systems are well known. Our objective is durability, reliability and simplicity in the design.


We consider the quality of our staff as one of the major strengths of the company. We are convinced that building more confidence, knowledge and insight for the employees will increase the quality and profitability of the company. We expect of our staff accuracy, initiative, focus, flexibility and responsibility. Team spirit and respect for diversity and other cultures in the organization is important. We want an atmosphere of open communication between all employees and encourage to create at all levels an environment of commitment and confidence.


The added value should be maximized in both the product and our operating proces. We therefore aim for the Lean concept at all levels of the organization. Lean is a process of proactive thinking as well as acting. In addition we pursue for synergies with other companies within our group.


We want to reward the trust of our shareholders with growth of the company. Growth is a process of achieving our goals. As we grow, the need for structures and systems increases while maintaining flexibility.


The needs and desires of our customers are crucial, therefore ANGLO BELGIAN CORPORATION is thinking along with the business concept of the customer. We ensure maximum cost savings and intensify our strong presence in the market.


Together with the customer we develop the future and grow along in accordance with a long-term vision.

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