The need for reliable and stable energy supply in the mining industry is paramount. Full operational mining sites or mining companies operating in prospective, under-explored areas, need to rely on experienced partners for their (off-grid) power supply at the lowest possible price per kWh.

Anglo Belgian Corporation (ABC), open source manufacturer of medium speed engines with various energy outputs, operates a state-of-the-art production facility in Belgium. Our reliable engines, in combination with an alternator, allow ABC to offer powerful power generation solutions. Generating electricity using ABC gensets shows that things want to be done correctly with maximum uptime.

ABC engines are 100% mechanical, making them easier to maintain and very reliable. We call this "SMART": Simple, Mechanical, Affordable, Reliable and Tailormade according to your requirements.

The characteristic medium speed engine below 1000 rpm and cleverly engineered distribution of the loads ensure a low mechanical deterioration and therefore guarantees a long life of the engine and its components, extending the periods between overhauling and ensuring long periods of continuous operation.

The total cost of ownership of medium speed engines easily outperforms high speed engines on the long term. This is due to the low fuel and lube oil consumption, the lower frequency of maintenance interventions and general robustness of the medium speed engine. Your benefit is a much lower operating and life-cycle cost.

ABC has extensive experience with containerized generating sets operating in difficult and harsh environments. ABC containerized solutions are designed according to the needs of each project, including the necessary scope of supply and tailored to the environmental requirements. Our solutions not only include the power units but also fuel treatment systems and electric switchgear, all can be integrated in containers.

Mining companies who have to cope with an increased power demand, who are in search for a reliable and efficient off-grid energy supply or who want to replace their existing, very expensive rental power plant, find a solid partner in ABC. With a power range from 1 to 10 MW, ABC offers flexible (containerized) power to full plant solutions.

As continuous power source or as emergency units, in parallel with the grid or in island operation, ABC gensets bring reliable energy to mining projects where power is a must.

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