8DZD genset

Engine configuration
8-cylinder inline engine
Power range (kWe) @ 50 Hz
Up to 1,268 kWe
Power range (kVA) @ 50 Hz
Up to 1,585 kVA
Power range (kWe) @ 60 Hz
Up to 1,140 kWe
Power range (kVA) @ 60 Hz
Up to 1,425 kVA
Nominal engine speed
Max. 1,000 rpm
Engine cycle
Sense of rotation
Anti-Clock or Clock
Fuel injection
Direct fuel injection
Charge air
Fuel flexibility
CNG, LNG, waste gas, landfill gas


Anglo Belgian Corporation manufactures medium-speed engines with various power outputs. These engines, in combination with an alternator, positions ABC to offer powerful power generation solutions.

ABC gensets combine all technical advantages of our engines to obtain a reliable source of electricity supply. ABC's four-stroke 8-cylinder line engine earned its good reputation thanks to its reliability and durability. This reliable, medium-speed engine is also available in dual fuel configuration.

One of the main advantages of a dual fuel engine is that it can run on diesel oil at any time. This ensures the continuity of the engine in case of unavailability of the main fuel for whatever reason.

In the case of dual fuel engines, an air/gas mixture is injected into the cylinders, which is then compressed. A small pilot injection with diesel ensures the ignition. Natural gas (CNG or LNG) is more environmentally-friendly and has one of the main advantages that hardly any soot or sulphur dioxide is released during incineration.

ABC's dual fuel engines have the important advantage that it is a very flexible fuel system where the efficiency increases significantly. The powerful ignition makes it possible to work with different gases of low calorific value and fluctuating ignition characteristics. In addition, the operator has the possibility, by means of a quick changeover of the fuel, to work either on natural gas or on diesel. ABC's dual fuel engines have a performance and reaction time that is similar to a standard diesel engine, which gives a familiar and reassuring feeling to the user.

ABC's dual fuel engines were developed to work with a low-pressure system.

The main advantages of this system:

  • The gas can be supplied at very low pressure, up to about 500 mbar, which avoids the use of gas compressors in some systems. This implies lower costs and less lost space for the end customer.
  • The gas line between the gas street and the engine is at ambient pressure or slightly below atmospheric pressure. As a result, in the event of a possible leak in the pipe, the gas does not enter the room but only air in the gas pipe.
  • A perfect mixture of gas with supplied air is obtained by mixing in the gas mixer and the turbocharger, which results in optimal combustion.
  • No common rail system required, the pilot fuel is injected with a direct mechanical injection (PLN - Pump Line Nozzle system).
  • A simple and robust system.

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