Hybrid Systems

With “ABC Hybrid Systems”, the company introduces a flexible range of total solutions for propulsion and power generation based on close cooperation agreements with several solid partners.

This makes it possible for the company to complete its engines with various expansion options including complete generator sets, power management systems, alternative power sources and even complete propulsion systems. In addition, ABC serves as a "one-stop shop" where customers can find their specific requirements.

Given the fast evolution of the environmental regulations, these types of systems provide a flexible solution to customer demands.

Both mechanical and electric propulsion systems (up to 15MW) belong to the ABC offer. As a result, ABC can respond to the demand of e.g. inland waterway vessels, tugs, fishing vessels, coasters, container feeders, dredgers, offshore vessels, ..., seagoing vessels and even military applications.

  • Thruster Systems
    Thruster Hybrid

    ABC offers tailormade solutions for azimuth thrusters (FPP or CPP) and VOITH-Schneider thrusters. Both are available as PTI or as in-line propulsion system. All solutions are customizable according to the customers' requirements.

    The systems can be configured as a parallel or serial hybrid system. With a parallel hybrid system, both electrical and/or mechanical propulsion is possible. A serial hybrid system offers an additional power combination of mechanical and electrical propulsion power (boost function).

    ABC can customize the solution to fit the vessels' operational profile.

  • Propeller Systems
    Hybrid Cpp Propeller

    As an alternative to conventional gearbox PTI/PTO systems, ABC can offer in-line hybrid propulsion solutions. The idea is that a high efficient electrical motor is mounted around the propeller shaft. In this way, the propeller is directly driven without the complexity and the less efficiency of a geared system.

    The system can be used as electrical propulsion only, as mechanical propulsion only, as a generator when operating on mechanical propulsion and as a boosting system.

    Both available as fixed pitch (FPP) and controllable pitch (CPP) solutions.

  • Diesel-electric Propulsion
    Diesel Electric Propulsion

    ABC can also offer complete diesel-electric propulsion packages. The scope of supply can thereby be expanded to not only power generation, but also the complete propulsion train itself. Possible configurations could be:

    • Direct drive propulsion up to 200 kNm per electric motor
    • Low and medium voltage electric motors
    • Asynchronous or Permanent Magnet motor technology

    All configurations are made on request. Contact the Hybrid Systems department for more information.

  • Hybrid Power Systems

    Generator Solutions

    Additional to our standard generator configurations, ABC offers:

    • Fixed Speed Generators
      Standard configurations are possible with 50 or 60 Hz.
      Various speeds possible (e.g. 720 RPM, 750 RPM, 900 RPM, 1000 RPM).
    • Variable Speed Generators
      With the focus on fuel efficiency, the engine performance is optimized for variable load. The operational load points are matched to the engine speed curve. In this way, fuel savings in low loads can reach up to 15 %.

    Variable speed generators are only available in common -DC bus systems.
    Contact the Hybrid Systems department for more information.

    Battery Pack Marine

    Battery Power

    Our hybrid systems can be supplied with battery packages up to 10 MW for the application of:

    • Propulsion
    • Peak shaving
    • Hotel load
    • Standby modes
    • Low-speed modes
    • Zero-emission zones
    • ...