BeHydro 6DZD H2

BeHydro 6DZD H2
Engine configuration
6-cylinder inline engine
Power range
Up to 1,000 kWm
Power range
Power range Up to 1,359 HP
Nominal engine speed
Max. 1,000 rpm
Engine cycle
Sense of rotation
Anti-Clock or Clock
Fuel injection
Direct injection (bio)diesel, HVO / port injection (H2)
Charge air
Emission compliance
IMO Tier II, IMO Tier III & EU Stage V
Fuel flexibility
Hydrogen (less) purified


The BEH2YDRO dual-fuel engines are developed for heavy-duty applications and are very flexible in usage. Operating on 85% hydrogen gas and 15% conventional fuel, they make the owner or user less dependent on fossil fuels.

With this type of engine, CO2 emissions are reduced by up to 85%! In combination with an after-treatment system (EATS), there are also no harmful emissions. The remaining soot particles and nitrogen gases (NOx) are removed by a particulate filter and SCR system so that the latest and strictest emission standards worldwide are easily achieved.

Taking into account that these medium-speed engines can run on up to 85% hydrogen AND 100% conventional fuel, they offer a solution when hydrogen is not available. Switching to conventional fuel is automatic and effortless. This ensures easy operation of the propulsion system and a maximized uptime of the vessel.

With the BEH2YDRO dual-fuel engines, we offer a state-of-the-art, user-friendly solution for companies that want to reduce their carbon footprint to an absolute minimum. These sustainable engines are ready-to-use, widely deployable and allow our customers to respond to the energy transition today.

The engines have a long life thanks to an optimised air/gas mixture that causes components to heat up less quickly. They also have no problems with slight impurities in the hydrogen and do not use scarce raw materials such as lithium, zinc, cobalt, platinum, rare earths, etc.

The BEH2YDRO dual-fuel hydrogen engines use proven technology, have been extensively tested and they are certified. They are designed to ensure long-term and efficient operation. These engines are available with 6 or 8 cylinders in line and 12 or 16 cylinders in V and deliver power from 1,000 up to 2,670 kW. In addition, as auxiliary generators, they provide a reliable and environmentally friendly source of energy for ships, drilling rigs or other marine applications when combined with an alternator.

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