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When it comes to the propulsion and power supply of cruise or passenger ships, Anglo Belgian Corporation can present many credentials. The "Texelstroom", one of the world's first hybrid RoPax ferries, is equipped with ABC generator sets. But numerous (luxury) expedition vessels also have sustainable ABC generator sets.

Shipping companies want to offer their passengers unique experiences and let them travel in a comfortable and efficient way. One must, among other things, be able to trust on a reliable source of power that - both in regions with a lot of heat as in inhospitable, cold areas such as the North and South Pole - can provide the propulsion and energy supply on board the ship in all conditions.

ABC is much more than an engine manufacturer. Our engineering department provides complete diesel-electric propulsion solutions to power your ships. ABC generator sets combine all technical advantages of our engines to provide reliable propulsion and efficient power supply on board cruise ships, ferries, expedition vessels and such more at all cruising speeds.

The characteristic, high reliability of ABC engines with low fuel and lube oil consumption ensure a safe investment. Our robust, medium speed engines are built with continuous operation, low consumption and long maintenance intervals in mind. They are developed for maximum uptime and designed so that they can be maintained in a smooth and simple way.

An ABC engine has all modern sensors and operating systems so that they can be controlled with a touchscreen from the bridge but they remain 100 % mechanical, making it easier to maintain and more reliable. We call this "SMART": Simple, Mechanical, Affordable, Reliable and Tailormade according to your requirements. Our engines can also be supplemented with hybrid and power management systems.

All these matters have a significant influence on the operational costs of your company. The total life-cycle costs of ABC’s medium-speed engines are extremely advantageous compared to high speed engines.

Our engineers offer you the best and most economical solution that meets the technical specifications of your newbuild or repowering project.

For more information about our products and services, call +32 (0) 9 267 00 00 or fill in our contact form.

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