Engine configuration
16-cylinder V-engine
Power range
Up to 3,536 kWm (continuous rating)
Power range
Up to 4,804 HP (continuous rating)
Nominal engine speed
Max. 1,000 rpm
Engine cycle
Sense of rotation
Anti-Clock or Clock
Fuel injection
Direct fuel injection
Charge air
Emission compliance
UIC II, Euro IIIA, Euro IIIB (under development)
Fuel flexibility
Diesel, High-Speed Diesel (HSD), Gas Oil (GO), Biofuel, Vegetable Oils


Our medium-speed, 16-cylinder V-engine based on the DZC family offers a perfect balance between performance and required investment. This reliable, four-stroke engine is designed and manufactured for a long lifetime with low life-cycle costs. Its robust design makes it the ideal partner to power or repower heavy-duty locomotives.

A high engine displacement, a low brake mean effective pressure (BMEP), a mechanical injection system and an increasing torque curve at decreasing engine speed are just some of the main technical advantages of our 16DZC engines. The axial-radial turbochargers’ response is second to none, allowing the engine to absorb huge shock loads.

The (V)DZC engine offers real value for money. It is characterized by low fuel and lube oil consumption, resulting in an exceptionally low life-cycle cost. The engine runs on Gas Oil (GO) and High-Speed Diesel (HSD) and is available in dual fuel execution, making it a very flexible, powerful and reliable source of energy.

Our 16DZC can be easily fitted with a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system for those railway applications requiring EU IIIA. In addition, the SCR package can be extended with a diesel particulate filter (DPF), allowing the engine to meet the most stringent emission standards.

All (V)DZC engines can be fitted with modern sensors and operating systems so that they can be remotely controlled via a touchscreen but they remain 100 % mechanical, making it easier to maintain and more reliable. We call this "SMART": Simple, Mechanical, Affordable, Reliable and Tailormade according to your requirements.

The 16DZC is user-friendly and delivers outstanding performance under the toughest and most demanding conditions. It has also been designed for easy and simple maintenance. Maintaining the required or specified performance was never as easy.

We focus each day on producing quality products that deliver the best performance every hour and every day of the year. Our experts and sales engineers are at your disposal for all your newbuild and/or repowering projects.

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