• DZC         Turbocharged & Intercooled
  • (V)DZC    Turbocharged & Intercooled
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  • Up to 3800kWm
  • Medium speed, 720-1000rpm
  • Anti-Clock or Clock rotation
  • Four stroke
  • Cylinders are built in line or in V
  • Direct fuel injection
  • Turbocharged
  • Charge air is water-cooled
  • Can run on heavy fuel, vegetable oil,
    animal greases, etc.

Available in 6 and 8 cylinders in line
Available in 12 and 16 cylinders in V

Managing technology being one of ABC's strengths, ABC managed to run its engines with all kinds of fuels. Together with our customers we looked for their best economic and environmental solution. Today many applications are still operative, which shows the reliability of the engineered solutions.

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