ABC engines comply to all environmental requirements

All the engines in our portfolio are in accordance with the latest emission legislations. Depending on the application, this is IMO TIER-2 (seagoing vessels, tugboats, ferries, ...), CCNR-2 (inland vessels) or EU3A for locomotives. All these requirements are satisfied without electronics on the engines and without an exhaust after treatment system resulting in values far better than those of our competitors.

As emissions will be more and more stringent, ABC tends to be already ahead of future emissions restrictions. This is done by continuous improvement in-house using engines especially build for this testing purpose. As a result, the following limit for locomotive applications will be achieved shortly and even TIER-3 - which becomes active in 2016 - has already been obtained with a prototype test set-up. Further internal projects will give our clients the choice between different emission reduction techniques to obtain the desired rule.

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