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The new breakthrough: 1985-2000

Mr. Clause Froidbise Not only increased Ogepar the capital, it also changed the complete management. This took some time, but meanwhile, the modified DZC was sold with increasing success and represented besides the DXC-range, almost 75% of the turnover. Through its mother company, ABC has links in plantations and trading companies in Zaire, Congo, Burundi and Rwanda, in ex-Eternit factories (civil construction materials) in Zaire and Burundi, Moteurs Moës, a workshop for subcontracting and maintenance in the southern part of Belgium, Pegard Productics, world leader manufacturer of CNC-milling machines.

In the first decade with Ogepar, the turnover doubled, under the influence of Mr. Froidbise, president of the company, and each and every year some profit was made. New markets were found, such as the cogeneration plants in Belgium, floating crane works, export of power stations to Indonesia, Taiwan, Malaysia, Syria and Pakistan. But also to be noted is the disappearance of all Belgian shipyards, that represented almost 50% of the market in the beginning of the eighties.

Since 1989, daily management in ABC was in the hands of Mr. Luc Duyck ( † 2011 ), a civil engineer of the University of Ghent with a degree in Engine Construction. Besides optimizing the existing engine range, both engine ranges were modified to dual-fuel engines. Dual fuel engines are available up to 1200 kW/unit. Since 1993, the DZC-engines are equipped with an anti-polishing ring in the liner, a necessary concept due to fuel and luboil modifications for environmental reasons. A team of engineers accurately follows all evolutions of the engine market and engine performances and keeps the DXC end DZC design up-to-date. In its medium-speed range, the DZC-engine is now a top leader.

In 1997, ABC started the design of the DZ-engine in V. With 12 and 16-cylinder execution the power range has been doubled and extended to 5000 HP.

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