history of abc

success continuous: 2001-2011

The newly designed VDZC engine met all expectations, it contributed to the organic growth of the company. Since its launch, over 1200 engines have left our factory in Ghent, providing power for various applications.

New opportunities came along as VDZC's product range allowed us to offer larger turnkey projects. The most prestigious and remarkable project in 2009 was in Congo - Brazzaville, an independent power plant operating with 10, 16VDZC engines, generating a total of 32MW.

In January 2011 a new General Manager was appointed, ir. Tim Berckmoes, who had been working since 1999 for the company as General Manager of Production and Engineering, took the position and will lead the company through the next decade.

ABC invested in the design and manufacturing of a new engine extending the existing product range. ABC's engineering department, together with the Austrian engineering company AVL, worked intensively on this project. The start of a required new production and assembly facility was launched at the beginning of 2011. This brand new 5.000m² building is almost finished and should be operational by the beginning of 2012. The facility will have the at most advanced tooling machines, equipment and test-benches available on the market.


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