Our factory is at your fingertips !

09 Sep. 2020

Visit our factory and discover what makes ABC different from other engine manufacturers ! We develop, design, produce, assemble and test our engines here in our factory in Ghent since 1912. Over 80% of the components are manufactured in house and assembled with the greatest attention for detail required by our customers. All engines are customized to fit your needs and whether you are a private shipowner or a large electricity company we don't make any distinction in the attention and service you can expect from ABC.

You can visit the faactory depending on your area of interest (history, innovation, sustainability), check how the engines are build (how it's made) or at any moment wander around the factory at will.

We look forward to welcome you here in the beautiful city of Ghent to experience our factory "live", meet our people and enjoy the beauties and pleasures of Belgium.

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