BeHydro 8DZ H2 genset

BeHydro 8DZ H2 genset
Leistungsbereich (kWe) bei 50 Hz
Bis zu 1268 kWe (Dauerleistung)
Leistungsbereich (kVA) bei 50 Hz
Bis zu 1585 kVA (Dauerleistung)
Leistungsbereich (kWe) bei 60 Hz
Bis zu 1140 kWe (Dauerleistung)
Leistungsbereich (kVA) bei 60 Hz
Bis zu 1425 kVA (Dauerleistung)
Nenndrehzahl des Motors
Max. 1000 U/Min.
256 mm
310 mm
Rechts- oder Linkslauf
Indirekte Einspritzung (H2)
Axialturbine, Radialverdichter
IMO Tier II, IMO Tier III, CCNR 2, EU Stage V
Flexibilität beim Kraftstoff
Kann mit Wasserstoff von weniger hohem Reinheitsgrad betrieben werden


With BeHydro's 100% hydrogen engines, ABC offers ZERO emission solutions that enable our customers to embrace the energy transition today. These pioneering, spark ignited H2 engines provide 100% clean energy.

The innovative mono-fuel engine range has been developed for heavy-duty applications and spans a power range from 1 MW up to 2.6 MW. The engine range consists of 6- and 8-cylinder in-line configurations as well as 12- and 16-cylinder V-engine options. When paired with an alternator, they offer a power range from 855 kWe (1,069 kVA) up to 2,537 kWe (3,171 kVA).

BeHydro generating sets serve as a reliable and entirely environmentally friendly energy source for ships, drilling rigs, or other marine applications.

BeHydro H2 engines utilize proven technology and are designed for long-term, efficient operation. They produce no harmful emissions such as carbon (CO2), nitrogen (NOx), sulfur oxides (SOx), or soot particles.

Additionally, they are non-toxic and have several benefits:

  • They don't rely on scarce raw materials like lithium, zinc, cobalt, platinum, or rare earths.
  • They avoid environmental damage associated with the extraction of scarce raw materials.
  • They pose no risk to human health.
  • Their by-products are entirely safe, consisting of water vapor and aspirated air.

BeHydro hydrogen engines are highly adaptable, as they handle minor impurities in the hydrogen without issue. They boast a long service life due to an optimized air/gas mixture that minimizes component heat-up and are straightforward to maintain, saving costs and time for owners and operators.

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